School Mascot: Panther

School Colors: Green and Black

About Us

Patrick School, as do four other elementary schools in Hampton, has an architectural design with classrooms built around an open courtyard. We take great pride in the fact that a tall majestic sycamore tree whose seeds traveled into space with the Apollo 14 Space Mission continues to grow in our courtyard. Patrick Elementary is formerly known as Booker Elementary.

We are proud to share that we were the winning school to get sycamore seeds to plant due to Marjorie White’s, a sixth grade student in 1976, winning poem. Our “moon tree’ seeds were planted in the courtyard by students on Arbor Day, April 30, 1976.

We are very pleased with the leadership that has been provided by our past and present administrators. Our students, parents, and staff members strive to show their "Panther Pride" in all of their endeavors.

Our History

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